Web Site Coverae

The story I decided to go with is the controversy that is going on with the republican candidate
Herman Cain. The story has to do with another story that leaked out of a popular media group called
“Political.”   According to them , about 15 years ago the candidate was involved in two sexual
harassment cases. He later went on to say that he had no idea about what the cases were about and as
the story unfolded more, he begins to go back on what he says.   This is what all of the media sources are
covering in these stories.
When I went on cnn.com, the first thing I noticed is that the story was all over the front page.  
There was no way you could miss it.   After clicking on the link I read about the few interviews he had
done in the past few days and how he sounded a bit confused with what he had said in prior interviews.  
I even watched the video to go along with the story and it is in plain sight that he is having a hard time
explaining his actions which in his case does not look good for him.   The CNN site seemed reasonably
fair and seemed to be a good source.
When I logged on to the Foxnews.com website, I had to looks around a bit to even find the story
on Herman Cain.   I found this to be a bit strange because this seems to be all the talk right now with all
of the other media.   Once I found it I noticed that the title of the article, “Cain: Harassment Claims
Haven't Hurt Campaign” seemed a bit strange.   It almost seemed like the article was trying to protect his
image.   Fox is known for having a bit of a lean to the conservative side of the spectrum so maybe the
article was not so strange after all.   It was a bit biased but still was a good article.
The last website I went to was msnbc.com.   They, like CNN had coverage of the Cain case all
over the main page.   The only difference was how extremely biased their article was.   It made Fox News
look like it was actually fair and balanced!   It was incredible how they not only...