Weather Pain

The sun was gleaming down, braking through the trees, as the birds awoke and began their joyous and lively song. The summer was in full swing. Nothing could destroy this. Then the phone rings. It's a text message from the MySQA service. It’s the exam results. I stood corrected the sky instantly filled with grey clouds, hiding the sun. Unaware of what was in store I fumbled with me phone in order to open this message from hell. Reading through I read ' Physics - A Accounting - A Music - A Maths - -- B...' my heart was racing. I continued to read ' ... English - No Award.' my heart ground to a standstill, and proceeded to last place. I had failed Higher English.
The clouds began to express the sheer disappointment I felt. As I ran towards shelter the rain hid my tears. Why?   How had I failed to pass? Was my best not enough? The questions within the close reading, I know how to answer them. The essay tasks, my texts fit them perfectly. So what had game wrong?
The next week seemed to be one long lasting day. Mopping around the house like a lost dog. The idea that I would be sitting English for the second time was nipping at the back of my mind. The texts were still flowing through my mind like I had read them just yesterday.
Weeks passed as I slumped deep into the dark clouds of depression.
School began again and life just seemed to carry me along in its current. I sat there in class as teachers seemed to take no affect to the results of their students.