Weakness of Articles of Confederation

3)Nothing in life is perfect. Everything has its strengths and weaknesses; its pros and cons. The United States of America has had a great deal of success but also a fair share of failures. The Articles of Confederation was the system for national government during a crucial time of American history. It served the American colonies during the Revolutionary war but there were several flaws that led to the replacement of the articles. The Constitutional Convention, triggered by federalism, revised and improved the Articles of Confederation and constructed the present Constitution of America. There were several necessary revisions that came out of the Constitutional Convention but the success of the Articles of Confederation should not be forgotten.
The establishment of the United States was by no means an easy task. The Articles of Confederation was the first form of written government and supported our country through a rough time. One strength of the articles was its ability to unite the colonies by name. Even with 13 different colonies , 13 different ideas and 13 different arguments this document was able to bring a common understanding amongst them all. It was also able to organize the country well enough to defeat Great Britain and successfully end the Revolutionary War. This is a great achievement that no flaw can take away from the Articles of Confederation.
The most significant achievement of the Articles of Confederation was the establishment of the Treaty of Paris. In 1783 congress and the King of Great Britain signed documents eliminating British rule from America soil. The congressmen appointed under the Articles of Confederation were able to successfully negotiate with Great Britain and fight for country. If it were not for this official Treaty, America could still be under British influence today.
The Articles of Confederation needed still needed to be revised because it could not keep up with constant change. It worked well for the time it needed...