We Not Only Hold Jaw Crusher in China and Western Countries

At the time of purchase or replacement jaw of jaw crusher,it should be sure to use high hardness, toughness, wear resistance and good material for the jaw. Practice shows that the high manganese alloy jaw is high durability. When installing, fixation is the most basic, jaw tooth can be used.If necessary, a layer of plastic material pad is better between jaw and jaw head so that jaw is firmly fixed in the jaw head and jaws face is smooth to reduce friction. The belt and belt pulley are driven by a motor, and the movable jaw moves up and down via eccentric shaft. The angle between fixed jaw and movable jaw becomes smaller when the moving jaw runs down, then the materials are crushed into pieces. It becomes bigger when the movable jaw runs up. The movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate under the action of tension rod and spring , China dryer, then the end products come out from the crushing cavity.The gasket type adjusting device of the discharge gate is characterized by reliable performance, convenient use, large adjusting range, and improves the equipment flexibility. The frame of the jaw crusher is the core part which occupies about 39% of the whole machine’s weight. So when we focus on reducing the weight of the frame, we will surely reduce the manufacturing cost.After 30 years of reform and development, Hongxing Heavy Machinery has achieved numerous honors on research and development of crawler-type mobile screen station, sand washer for sale and other machinery, including various kinds of certificates and awards issued by government organizations, media and marketing research organizations. The length of the bracket is the main parameter for users to consider. It has much effect on the crusher’s technical functions and main engine. So it may help to improve the crusher’s performance by lightening the weight of the bracket.jaw crushing plant: http://www.sell-crusher.com/pro/p1.html