A Day at the Park
Chan Laurente was a half Chinese-Filipino student who studied in Jefferson High School. Chan was a very quiet person who usually didn’t entertain people’s attentions. He kept everything to himself and rarely trusted or conversed with people. Although Chan did not have any friends, he had a sibling. His one and only brother was named Jason. Jason was very different from John. He was popular, charismatic, and very athletic; he was also very intelligent in Mathematics. This junior year, he is already in Trigonometry! Although John and Jason were different from each other, they shared one common thing, they both didn’t like Disneyland. But as they embark on an unexpected adventure to the magical place, they will discover that there is more to Disneyland than what they think.
March 8: The day that the jazz band has been waiting for, for almost two months. It was the day that they would travel to Anaheim, California to compete for the battle of the jazz bands. The school band that wins the competition will be awarded with a ten thousand dollar reward for their performance. The Jefferson jazz band is one of the best bands in the state. They also had one of the best jazz musicians in their band, Chan Laurente. Chan was the best clarinet player in the band, and his talent has helped Jefferson take home the gold in band recitals for three straight years! Unfortunately, there was a problem for Jefferson; Chan would not be participating in this year’s battle of the bands. Although Chan will not be traveling with the band, he will still be heading for Anaheim. Chan and his family are going to Disneyland this weekend for a family trip. Chan tried every way possible to avoid this trip, but his parents were ignorant to his excuses. In the end, Chan agreed to go because he had no more excuses. With the family intact, the Laurente family set out for Anaheim.
Upon arriving in Disneyland, the group planned on what they would be doing first. Chan and Jason...