Waste Heat Recovery Steam Generator for Gas Turbine

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Heat Recovery Steam Generator for Gas Turbine

Heat Recovery Steam Generators are used to recover waste heat from exhaust of gas turbines, boosting efficiency from 35% to 40 % range in simple cycle (also known as open cycle) mode to 55% to 60% range in combined cycle mode. The steam generated by HRSG can be used for generating electricity in a steam turbine, for process heating for both i.e. combined heat and power.

Heat Recovery steam generator for Gas turbine is Horizontal design, Natural circulation, Triple pressure levels, with Reheat option, Supplementary and Fresh Air Firing mode with Automatic changeover

HRSGs from ZG boiler are based on technology with HRSGs incorporate the latest advances in thermal technology, offering benefits such as multiple pressure levels and unprecedented reliability. The growing number of ZG HRSGs bears testimony to their importance in clean energy solutions.

HRSG Features

Natural circulation designed for higher reliability, availability & lower power consumption

Single drum construction for reduced thermal stress during start-up & shutdown; special drum internals that promote circulation &  ensure high steam purity

Fully welded construction for quicker start-ups & shutdowns with welds safely located outside the gas path for higher reliability and longer life

Gas-tight, internally insulated ducting & casing for lower thermal loads; internal duct designed carefully for predictable performance & longer life

Tolerant to economiser steaming for better off-design operation; fully drainable super heater for higher reliability

Strategic soot blowing for oil firing

Firing gas and #2 oil in the duct burner