Vsevolod Meyerhold


Vsevolod Meyerhold, born as Karl Kazimir Theodor Emil Meyerhold in 1874, in Penza, Russia was a theater producer, actor and director.
Vsevolod was one of eight children born into a wealthy family of a Russian-German background. When he was 21 years old, Vsevolod converted his religion to Christianity and changed his name in honor of Vsevolod Garshin (who was a Russian writer and his major influence).
Vsevolod began his theater career in 1895 when he dropped out of Moscow university and quit studying law in favor of theater.

What did he do:

Vsevolod was involved in all aspects of theater work, although he is best known for his acting and directing. Meyerhold began his acting career in 1896   only a year into studying drama and played up to as many as 18 different parts, his breakthrough coming when he played Ivan the terrible in the play "The death of Ivan the terrible".
Under the guidance of Vladimir Nemirovich, Meyerhold began to make a name for himself, particularly in the decade spanning between 1907 - 1917 where he was involved in a number of theater projects across Russia.
In 1920, Meyehold founded his own theater, The Meyerhold Theater. At this point in time, the successful Meyerhold was creating many different plays, collaborating with some of the best actors and producers in Russia and incorporating his own style into his plays.. he was one of the first to add circus-style effects and have success with them in theater.
Meyerhold was motivated by many other Russian theater producers, from Vladimir Nemirovich to Vsevolod Garshin and also Sergei Eisenstien (SERGI IZEN-SHTINE). Meyerhold was loved by many across Russia in particular in the world of theater, so much so that he became the motivator for some of Russia's top actors, people such as Sergey Martin-son and Erast Garin.

in 1940, Meyerhold was executed by firing squad for the alleged murder of his wife and actress Zin-aida Reich (REECH). He remains to this...