Vote for Head Prefects in Schools

A very good afternoon to the honourable adjudicators, chairperson and timekeeper.
As the saying goes, if it’s not broken, why fix it? And so our stand is that students SHOULD NOT vote for their school head prefect because the existing system is by far much better.
I am convinced that when students vote for a head prefect, the whole process would degenerate into a popularity contest.
  A school head prefect is an icon of the school; someone   all the other students can look up to as a shining example.   An icon should be chosen on the personal qualities of the   best candidate and not the popularity of any candidate.
      An election will be abused. The popularity*   of the candidates** and **not *their *capabilit*ies   is used to determine the winner of the election. It will   be a disaster if this happens.
        Students tend to vote for the *most popular or cutest*   student in school. The best candidate to do the job will   not be chosen. The whole election then becomes a farce.
      Logically, students *should never vot*e for their   school head prefect otherwise the noble objectives of   having a school head prefect will be defeated badly.
    “Popularity is not an indication of quality” according to a famous quote .
It is such a shame and grossly unfair that when the vote is based on popularity rather than quality, students that do have the potential will not be given the chance to shine.
School head prefect (SHP). SHP can stand for Special Honourable Person. The students and the whole school need such a special person to represent the school. Sadly, there is no guarantee that students can vote in such a person to represent them. This is because a person voted in as school head prefect will probably not have the special honourable qualities to be an excellent school head prefect since popularity and capability is used as the criteria.
A school does not consist of its students only.
A school consists...