Violence in Sports

Shana Belsito
MAA532B: Concepts and Issues in Athletic Administration
Reflection Paper #1: Violence in Sports

All sports are inherently competitive and hence conducive to aggression and violence.   There are many factors that contribute to violence in sports in our society which include, provocation, encouragement by coaches, peer pressure, wanting to win; it is an implicit part of the game, revenge and retaliation, and as a result of role models.   Sport is a mirror of our society, reflecting violence in our society in various sporting events and outside arenas.   The media is a large influence of violence in sport as it blows many instances out of proportion.   Whether violence occurs on or off the field, the professional athletes of our generation are symbols of excellence and success to their fans, both young and old.   The behavior that we see on television, read about in the newspapers or listen to on the radio, all reflect upon society, and it’s becoming a social norm to behave violently in sport.   Hockey, football and soccer are three sports that deliberately showcase violence and aggression, yet it is part of the game.   Violence is becoming socially accepted in sports, not only through athletes, but also coaches, parents, referees, and spectators.  
The negative elements of human nature seem to be accomplished more easily and more often in today’s society.   Such behavior can be learned through various forms of social media and are apparent in the world of athletics. “Sport was once considered important for exercise, relaxation and clean fun; yet today, one would be hard-pressed to experience the latter two while watching or participating in a sporting event. Increased competition has brought incredible violence and even murder by fans, players, parents, coaches and owners. And endless greed has led to gambling addictions and performance-enhancer scandals—elements that were once common only to criminal gangs and thugs...