The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to observe “Vigilance Awareness Week’ from 3
November, 2009 to 7 November, 2009, in pursuance of the directions issued by the Central Vigilance
Commission vide their letter No.009A/GL/049 dated 23 Sept, 2009. The Vigilance Awareness Week is
celebrated in memory of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel who exercised a major influence in establishing the
administrative structure in India.
As you are well aware, there is an increasing concern about corruption eroding the basic values of life. It has not
only a negative effect in social dynamics but also erodes the value system established in the country. It is
important that the younger generation who has to play a pivotal role in the development of the country needs to
be educated on the urgency to fight against such unethical practices.
Central Vigilance Commission has desired that Vigilance Awareness Week should be used as a occasion to
highlight awareness about effective preventive measures undertaken through system improvements and use of
Information technology to fight corruption.
The Board has already taken several steps in this way by introducing online system of affiliation, online
registration/List of candidates, updation of various information on the website of the Board, online compliant
lodging system. The Board is also starting 24×7 helpline for providing various information round the clock to
all concerned.
The Board proposes that the affiliated schools may organize lectures/debates on the topic “eGovernance”
programmes may include debate, seminars and essay competitions and the schools may recognize the
performance of students by award of suitable prizes. The gesture of schools in organising such programmes will
go a long way in providing appropriate mindset amongst the students to fight corruption.