Video Game Thought

Genre: Competition Adventure
Target Audience: 40-60 year olds

Structure of Game
The scene is set for a fantastic travel game called The Travel Survivor where the player will experience the joys of being in wrong place, at the wrong time, plane crashes, floods, storms, infectious disease and hidden problems. The target audience is 40-60 year olds; it appeals to them because they have money and time to travel. The more knowledgeable you are about a country and the customs, the easier it will be to progress further in the game.   Jake and Mellissa, who live in Australia, entered a competition to win a holiday to travel around the world, to learn about different cultures. If you’re the winner of the competition, having won the most money, you get to keep that money. The smarter you travel to overcome obstacles, the more money you will receive at the end of the game. You can replay the game and try and beat other people who play the game and are already on the leader boards. An example of how they will earn money during the trip will be: arriving at their destination on the right date and time. The obstacles may be flight and train delays, plane crashes. Jake and Melissa might get split up and lose each other. If you play smartly and carefully, this may not happen and you will receive the highest money for that particular level. The game has 20 levels, with a maximum time limit of 20 minutes per level. If you don’t get to your destination in this time, you have to restart that level and you lose money. My target audience are competing against each other and striving to reach the most money to get the highest position on the leader boards. There are four main characters in the game, Jake and Melissa and two local guides, Alejandro in South America and Johan in Africa.

Jake and Melissa entered a competition to learn about the world and were very excited at the prospect of winning money and going on a holiday at the same time.
Jake and Melissa boarded...