Verizon Case

Verizon Case Study

Deploy high speed fiber to arrest shrinking wireline biz Deployed 4G LTE to stay at the cusp of technological changes Established largest global IP backbone Pioneered network ecosystem way of working Acquisitions where the company did not have expertise


Separate wireline and wireless structures Design teams restructured to ensure consistent experience across interfaces Industry-based segmentation for Enterprise Overlapping geographical footprints for Wireline and Wireless Enterprise business in both Wireline and Wireless businesses

One Verizon


Ability to work as a “collaborator” with other companies React quickly in Wireless biz. Not an inter-connected consumer brand

Shared Values
Change from technology out to a customer opportunity culture Shared Success - Solutions, Service and Sustainability

New processes to shorten device certification Compensation based on total company stock performance



Vast majority of employees were located in the US. Unionized staff in wireline Wireline – slower, more bureaucratic, less customer-centric Wireless – faster, flexible, more entrepreneurial Rotation of employees across units


Long-term oriented Empowering frontline to seek process innovations Dialogues with top employees Culture of greater links and collaboration

Q1 Progress and accomplishments in last 3-4 years
Built a network ecosystem – Innovation Center, Venture Forum Partnership with Google & Motorola – Droid project Investment for the future – Fiber-optic services, 4G LTE, Global IP backbone, Marketing innovation of featuring the network and the suite of products it enables Key acquisitions – CyberTrust and Terremark Established corporate-wide Credo

How well Seidenberg led change and handoff to Lowell Adam
Identified and empowered key change agents to help transform the business Quickly reacted to the developments in the environment and ensured...