Summary of the Skills
Team “A”
GEN 480
April 23, 2012
Shane Strup

      Team “A” has some very talented members to say the least. In the following document, the skills and strong points of each member has been identified as to show how the strength and stability of team “A” is made. There are several areas that will be covered such as motivation and professionalism. Even though our members are from different backgrounds and different parts of the country, the skills needed and required to meet and excel in school activities and assignments will be met with both confidence and pride. Team “A” not only knows they can succeed in completing a project on time, but they also have the confidence to back up their research.
Summary of Skills
After conducting the task of a matrix, it is obvious that Team ‘A’ holds many skills. Members of Team ‘A’ are well established individuals who succeed in group settings. Each member in Team ‘A’ works and relates with each other and is dedicated to the tasks at hand. The combination of skills that members in Team ‘A’ have include order, priority, professionalism, timeliness, and motivation, allowing Team ‘A’ to excel in written assignments as well as PowerPoint presentations.
Members of Team ‘A’ are self-aware individuals who excel in communication skills, and because all members of the team have respect for each other it allows us to feel confident in the ideas and work brought to the table. The confidence and respect that each member has for each other allows us to be open to the idea of suggestions, and ultimately allows us to be successful as a team.
      The consulting skills we think should be in every good business or individual are creativity to find new solutions, good communication skills of all kinds, respect for clients, confidentiality and culture, Vision to see possibilities beyond the obvious and leadership in working with others both internal and external. Choosing a...