Us Embargo on Cuba

The American Embargo on Cuba has failed after nearly 50 years.

    As a young sailor in the United States Coast Guard one of my first duties was on board a patrol boat patrolling the waters between Cuba and Florida. I will never forget the first time we came across what seemed like hundreds of Cubans all literally cling for life to an overturned boat. These poor people where dehydrated, hungry, badly sun burned and barley alive, but their where several dead among them. One more night at sea and there is no doubt that all of them would have been dead by morning. There where young and old among them even whole families. As I was helping them aboard our, Cutter and I remember having this profound thought, how bad is it in Cuba that a mother would put herself and her young children on a small un-seaworthy boat and try to cross a dangerous track of ocean to come to America. The original goals of the Cuban embargo where to stop the spread of Communism by toppling the Cuban government, give the Cuban people basic human rights, and to eliminate a threat to US security. In almost 50 years of an American trade and financial embargo Cuba still exist in its same forum as it did nearly 50 years ago.
        After over sixty years America has made no real progress with the Cuban Embargo.

America refuses to change its failing policy towards Cuba and it is the Cubans that pay.

            In 47 years of rule that have made him the worlds most durable head of government, Fidel Castro has locked horns with 10 US Presidents. He has survived an invasion, a Naval Blockade, and decades of diplomatic isolation
            and economic sanctions while his regime stays in power (Cromwell, 2).

      While Castro and his cronies have been standing up to the mighty United States, it has created another phenomenon. The Cuban leadership has been looked upon as heroes by some of the world’s leaders (Cromwell, 20). This has lead to partnerships with countries that are not...