Unit 301: Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

1. Understanding the principles and requirements of assessment

1.1. Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development

In my capacity I am required to assess the readiness of current residents (former homeless people) requiring assistance in securing long term employment in the future and that have been referred into the support service I currently offer at Penny Wade house – a Pre-employment training and employability program suitably adaptable to meet the individual’s needs and if followed through to completing its workbook will help prepare for the job and or secure paid employment.

The Workbook specifically looks at what is involved in the following areas:
• Career identification
• The rewards - Reasons to secure employment
• Career planning - setting ad reaching your goal
• Resume
• Job seeking
• Overcoming barriers
• Self esteem
• Personal presentation
• Interviewing technics
• Starting your new job - Things you should know
The workbook Pre-employment training and Employability program must be completed before a resident is presented with a Certificate for successful completing the program and the forms themselves are standardized to ensure fairness, consistency and equality during assessment, see appendices:
1. (My Skills Development Assessment and Referral Application Form)
2. (My Skills Assessment Development Plan)
3. (My Activity Feedback Form)
The role of:
• Initial assessment in identifying learners needs:
Helps residents starting on the pre-employment training and employability program held onsite at the hostel by identifying any learning needs during initial interview, as part of a four part assessment process broken down to meet the residents needs. It also allows any SDO to better evaluate the learning to be taken, measure attainment of knowledge, skills in a particular work interest area and encouraging questions not fully understood...