Unit 637

Tracey Webb
SH502 Promote Professional Development

1.Understand Principles Of professional Deveolpment
Professional development in my role at Ty Penrhos is helping staff to developing and promoting themselves within professional development of others.
The importance of continually improving knowledge and practice is to ensure that professional development is a planned process of improving and increasing capabilities of the staff I work with closely.
Health and care are service focussed rather than product driven and it is a known fact that staff work to determine its success, Success is therefore inextricably linked to capabilities and attitudes of the staff and the development and enhancement of knowledge and skills.
Professional development can be achieved through providing one-to one individual support within a staff member also looking at access to education or training in NVQ opportunities, formally or informally in or outside the workplace.
This can increase staff morale as well as enhance the quality of their performance and which will result in a positive and measurable outcome for the company.
Analysing potential barriers to professional development is shown that professional development is an essential activity for all staff working in the industry in order to safeguard the health and well-being of the public.
As a care worker there is a requirement to engage in professional development which is articulated in legislation through the expectation of the “duty of care”.
The term “duty of care” has both a legal and moral foundation; it is the basics for the obligations that we owe to those residents in our care.
It is based on moral principles of respect for persons and the moral duty to prevent harm and to promote good.
The duty of care imposes an obligation on the care provider to ensure that the care needs are met to a reasonable and agreed standard.
Within the staff team each individual is also accountable for their professional...