Unit 528

Unit 528
Develop and evaluate operational plans for own area of responsibility
Learning outcome 1. Be able to align objectives of own area of
responsibility with those of own organisation
Identify operational objectives within own area of responsibility
Every organisation should have an overall strategic business plan and each identified area of responsibility should also have an operational plan that will contribute to achieving the objectives set out in the strategic business plan.
The main operational objectives of any manager is to provide a quality service which meets the needs of the
service users, whilst managing and providing resources within the agreed financial framework.
This means providing high quality, safe and cost effective care.
This must all be done whilst meeting the requirements of the relevant standards set out by the Care Quality Commission, government policies and codes of practice and the legal, regulatory and ethical requirements of   work sector.
We will also be expected to be knowledgeable and have an understanding regards:
1. The market in which   organisation works, together with any developments in the sector
2. The overall vision of the organisation and the goals you are responsible for achieving.
3. The organisation’s actual and potential customer base and also actual and potential competitors and partners and their strategies and plans
4. Available market opportunities.
5. How to respond to market opportunities.
6. Colleagues and other key stakeholders, and their needs and expectations.
7. Processes for consultation.
8. Sources of information you can use to monitor and evaluate plans.
9. Procedures for reporting and making recommendations.
The main objectives and skills we will need in the area of responsibility will include:
  Risk management
  Involving others
  Influencing and persuading