Unit 305

Unit 305
Understand person-centred approaches in adult social care settings

Person centred approach is where the care plan and the care for an individual is tailored to that the individual who will receive the correct care the individual needs and all of the needs for the individual are met. For example each individual should have a care plan for their likes and dislikes relating to food and fluids. Each individual should be asked what they prefer to drink and what they like and don’t like to eat instead of just giving the individuals meals and drinks that they may or may not like. A care plan will highlight who needs to help the individual and when and also what that individual can do independently.  
Person centred values must influence all aspects of social care work because everyone is an individual and everyone has different needs. Person centred care ensures that each person is receiving their own care package tailored to their exact needs. With person centred values being taken into account it allows the individual to have a say in how they being cared for, allowing the individual to feel part of the care planning process therefore they should be happy with the care service they then receive. This helps the person to feel in control of their lives and supports their individuality. Person centred care should be influencing all aspects of care work as this is a good working practice, lawful and it allows the individual to feel that they still have some kind of control of their own lives and the care they receive. Person centred values should be influencing care because it helps to meet the individual’s needs, helps to provide the best care possible and maintains a good quality of living for that individual.
The way to ensure that person centred values are influencing social care work are to ensure that an individual’s care plan is followed and used to how the individual likes to have their care provided. Care workers should also ensure...