Unit 304 Promot and Implement Health and Safety in a Health Care Setting

Promote and implement health and safety in health and social care
Outcome 1
As a health care professional you are accountable for your actions at work and it is therefore important to follow health and safety regulations and policies related to health and safety procedures and policies. These policies could include: fire safety policy, COSHH regulations, food hygiene policies . Personal protective equipment at work regulations (PPE 1992). RIDDOR reporting of injury, disease and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995. And any specific policies related to specific equipment used in the work place.
The main piece of legislation related to health and safety in a health and social care setting is The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974). This document aims to keep, patients, employers and employees safe whilst at work. The act outlines the responsibilities and duties of each individual in a health and social care setting. The health and safety act covers all aspect of work including, fire safety, handling hazardous substances, infection control, food hygiene and manual handling to safely transfer an individual.
My responsibilities in the workplace include, ensuring all my training is up to date and following all workplace policies to ensure safety of myself, other team members and patients. I must read any updates made to current policies and implement any changes to the activities and I carry out on shift. I need to understand the risk related to any procedure I am to complete and carry out the necessary risk assessments.
The responsibilities of my manager/employer is to provide the necessary training for all staff and ensuring all staff are up to date. My manager should ensure that staff is following regulations and that employees understand the consequences and risks of practicing outside of rules and regulations. The manager has a duty of care to both their employees and patients.
The responsibilities of my other team members are...