Unit 19 P1 P2

In this assignment I will be discussing the concept of an unequal society and the inequalities that exist in our society.
In the society we live in there are some things which can make it unequal, sometimes in a society not all individuals are treated equally. In society individuals can experience difficulties due to differences in social class, gender and ethnicity.   The conflict can also arise when individuals have different views, beliefs and attitudes being expressed within a society. Social inequality is the existence of unequal opportunities and rewards for different social positions or statuses within a group or society.
I will now discuss concepts of inequalities in terms of stereotyping, this is where individuals in a society have a fixed or over generalized belief about a particular group or class of people. In stereotyping individuals group people into one category as if they are all share the same characteristics as each other. This concept is negative as it makes individuals ignore the differences between each other therefore they make assumptions about people that might not be true. A lot of people stereotype when they meet a new person as they think it is simpler to put them into s specific social group. An example of stereotyping would be in a case study for a women named Leshan, she is a single mother with two children living on benefits and is unemployed.   Because of Leshan circumstances an individual could stereotype Leshan into being lazy and a bad mother, and individuals could also stereotype and say that all individuals on benefits have more children to increase the benefits she gets from government programs, other stereotypes could be that they are chavs and they would steal from people when in contact and shops. This is stereotyping as they are trying to infer that Leshan has a whole range of specific characteristics and abilities and that we assume all members of this certain group have. This could have an impact on Leshan as it can...