Unit 137

Unit 137
Outcome 1
1.2- Analyse the difference between sequence of development and rate of development and why?
Children grow holistically, and each child is different. Sequence of development is where children follow a pattern of growth and a sequence of events i.e rolling, Sitting, crawling and so on. The rate is at what speed the child does it throughout the pattern some children are faster or slower than others not every child is the same.   It’s very important to be aware of this as sequence helps us plan the next step and rate helps us identify any concerns.

1.3 Analyse the reason why children and young people’s development may not follow the pattern normally expected
  * Disability
  * Environmental
  * Communication
There are many reasons and factors why a child or young person’s development might be impaired or not follow the ‘norm’ sequence or rate of development.
        A disability may occur as a result of a trauma, accident or be from birth.   The disability can impair the sequence or the rate that child develop maybe even change the rate and sequence from the “norm”. The children can continue to grow and develop with support and encouragement, if they don’t have support this can determine how bad the disability will affect them.

          Were we live and how we live can have a big factor on our children’s development if children live in poverty the opportunities are few and far, there might not be an opportunity to explore and investigate their surroundings. There may also be only adult influences. Children may not learn to become responsible for their own actions. A child's social interaction influences their development so things such as the environment in which they socialize in, whom they socialize with and whether it is during school or after school environments can affect their development.
Learning needs
Children who have learning needs may develop at a slower rate than the norm. These children...