Unit 1 - Assignment 1

Marco Di Virgilio – BTEC Level 3 Civil Engineering

Task 1)

There are various control measures in place for given workplace situations. This is done primarily to reduce to reduce risk and to meet legal requirements. The following control measures are applicable to the mechanic workshop environment in the college. I have selected three control measures that each aim to reduce the risk of their respective hazards.

The first control measure is regarding reducing the risk of slips and trips occurring in the mechanic workshop environment. Should a slip or trip occur in the mechanic workplace due to misplaced tools, spills or bags being left out on the floor in the workshop then the injuries could be potentially very severe as they might hit their head or potentially twist their ankle. Therefore a control measure has been implemented which aims to reduce the risk. This control measure involves better housekeeping than there was originally before and also much more responsive housekeeping. This means that it is then the student duty to then clear up the spillage immediately and report the spillage to teacher to then inform the class of the increased risk of slipping in that particular area. Also another control measure has also been implemented and this is regarding the storage of the tools and equipment. This aims to eradicate the issue of not having enough space to hold all of the tool in the workshop and also aims to ensure that the storage locations are easily accessible to ensure that more people store the equipment and tools after they use them instead of just leaving them out to pose as a health and safety hazard.

The second control measure is regarding reducing the risk of dust inhalation in the mechanic workshop environment. Specifically around the machines there is an increased risk of dust inhalation. This poses a serve risk to the workshop occupant’s health as dust inhalation can potentially cause respiratory problem and lung cancer. Therefore it...