Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

UNIT 009 – Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning
By Sandra Addae

Working as an Assessor in Marketing and Business Administration for a Training and Development Company, the learning strategy that I employ with my learner is one to one. I conduct personal discussions and observations in order to build evidence to deliver Level 2 and Level 3 NVQs in Marketing and Business Administration.

Using a one to one technique allows ease for the Apprentice and it is the only way in which I work due to how the qualification is delivered. The advantages   of having a one to one relationship with the learner, who is acquiring a qualification via a paid work placement, is great as they are entitled to having my full and undivided attention.   I am able to ask questions on What activities that they participated in? What was their biggest learning curve?   How they were able to solve issues, etc. As on the job experience falls in line with the modules that the learner has selected, in agreement with their employer, it offers me as an Assessor the opportunity it   see if they have maximised their knowledge of their module firsthand in their place of work. I am also able to track their progress easily, and I feel that there is a confirmation from the manager who works with me, to ensure that all module criteria has been completed through a variety of placements in different areas of the business.   Working with people, group/team work exists, professional discussions amongst colleagues is another advantage.  

I believe the disadvantages are not working with peers. What is meant by this is that the learner is not working alongside other Apprentices within the programme to be able to have a possible informal peer discussion/assessment.

Working with many learners, whom I see every 4-6 weeks, to discuss their modules and fulfilling the criteria, I feel the length of time offers a disadvantage, of 4-6 weeks. Although, there is support that is offered to...