Understanding Duty of Care

Unit 4222-204

1 Understanding the implications of duty of care.

Define the term 'duty of care'
Duty of care is a legal obligation which enables employers and employees to always act in the best interest of individuals and others, not to act or fail to act in a way that will potentially result in harm.

Describe how the duty of care affects your own work role
As an employee within the health care industry, I must work in such a way that I do not exceed what I am capable of doing. I must be aware of any risks and potential risks within my working environment and ensure that no harm may arise of such risks. It is my duty to report any risks or potential risks to the Nurse in charge and my working colleagues of any risks that may arise during my shift and if I am capable of doing so removing any potential risk from the environment.

2 Understanding support available for addressing dilemmas that may arise           about duty of care.

Describe dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individuals rights
A dilemma that may arise with duty of care within the health care profession may be a difference or conflicting opinion over an individual, an example of this could be one staff member believing that there could be signs of abuse on a patient whilst another member of staff thinks that there is no evidence of abuse on the patient.   This could lead to conflict, which potentially, may have a detrimental effect within the working environment. Such conflict may lead to staff falling out, absenteeism, poor teamwork and breaches of confidentiality.

Describe where to get additional support and advice about how to resolve such dilemmas
If such a dilemma occurred my first point of contact would be my Ward Manager or one of the Lead Managers. Failing to get support from either of these options then I would contact Human Resources and find out who would be the next person to contact. I would also contact my Union for assistance and guidance if...