Understand the Quality Assurance of the Assessment Process

Assignment 7
Understand Quality Assurance of the Assessment Process
The quality assurance procedure in my own area of practice is set out in the company policy for assessment and internal verification.   The purpose of the policy is to ensure that assessment and internal verification procedures are open, fair and free from bias and that there are accurate and detailed recording of assessments and internal verification decisions.
Within my role I am involved with all types of assessment including;   initial assessments, prior to Initial planning with the learner, summative assessments during   training   for qualifications and observations and summative assessments when   marking exams and assignments and   assessment of evidence.   It also includes keeping auditable records on the learner’s progress and assessments, which can be accessed by internal and external verifiers.   I attend regular team meetings to standardise my own practice together with standardisation of assessment judgements. It is important to standardise assessor judgements in order to ensure that all assessors consistently make valid decisions and that all learners are assessed fairly. The meetings also ensure that I am updated on information from the awarding organisations and external verifier reports.   I also have input and support from the internal verifier.
The internal verifier is responsible for the quality assurance of all awarding organisation’s accredited qualifications undertaken by the company.   He also manages the assessment so that it consistently meets national standards and works within the quality systems of the company. The IV monitors and supports the work of assessors to assure high standards and implements procedures that ensure all assessors interpret the national standards in the same way.   He also ensures that the outcome of internal verification is used to enhance future practice across all learner processes including teaching, learning and assessment.
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