Understand the Concept of Quality

Describe the meaning of ‘quality’ in the organisational context

Ishikawa’s Definition of Quality is highlighted below, I believe that he has captured the meaning of quality very well, he captures quality in the work place very well.

Narrowly interpreted, quality means quality of product
Broadly interpreted, quality means quality of work, quality of service, quality of information, quality of process, quality of division, quality of people, including workers, engineers, managers, and executives, quality of system, quality of company, quality of objectives, etc.   To control quality in its every manifestation is our basic approach


I’ve taken the below information from our new website, it describes some of the services we offer throughout managed services. If we didn’t offer high quality, competitive and cost affective services to our customers may look elsewhere.
If you ask any of the staff about quality they will always promote ourselves as being one of the most competitive organisations offering a wide range of standardised managed services throughout the islands, the services we offer within managed services are below, this doesn’t include Professional Services, Cloud Services, Procurement and Business Continuity \ Disaster Recovery Services.
Our Managed Service Solutions are designed to enhance the business value of your IT investment, through improved operational efficiency and measured service levels, providing you with informed control over your IT operations and infrastructure.
Service Management combines best of breed technologies with best practice ITIL-aligned processes to tailor our services to meet the varying demands of our customers.
Benefit from:
• Reduced IT operational costs and clearer budgetary decisions
• Mitigated risk of downtime and higher service availability
• Improved performance, resilience and security of your organisation's...