Culture is the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. People are discriminated by their culture by not being allowed to express their traditions and value by a person. For example, in France Muslim women are not allowed to wear the veil that covers their face but in Britain Muslim women can.
Disabled people are discriminated by being called names like ‘spaz’ and ‘retard’. This can happen at work, trying to obtain facilities, education and housing. People often do not treat them as normal humans but as abnormal ones.
Age discrimination usually occurs at work where people of a certain age can you lose their jobs because they are too old or young people can be under paid.
Social class discrimination is very common in Britain with the upper classes able to pay for more advanced services. For instance, the upper classes are able to pay for private treatment which is better than standard program available to the masses.  
Gender discrimination is still widely practiced in the Britain although legislation was passed in 1975 to stop women from being underpaid by their employers. However, it still happens as men are still given higher wages. Women are still expected to stay at home and look after the children rather than going to work. And even if they are working if the child they are still expected to care for the child than the father.
Sexuality discrimination happens because in some cultures and religion it is seen as morally wrong.   But it is illegal to be prejudice against homosexuals. For example, hotels can’t prevent from using their rooms, however they are still stopped.
Health status is a holistic theory of the presences of disease. It’s summarise by life expectancy, mental illness, self-assessment and psychical illness. When people become older some healthcare professionals mistreat their patients because in their mind they are going to die soon.
Family structure is the background of where we were brought us in.   This...