ATIKUL ISLAM

“Turmoil” is a short story written by Ayesa begum.
The story is written on present day situation biased. She wants to depict our social problem. Those are very much familiar with our today’s world.


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plot in a story is also called a storyline. It is the main story of any literary work, whether a play, a novel or a short story. A plot includes all the events that together tie up to make the story. It comprises of a proper beginning, middle and an end. Basically a plot is the story line or the way a story is written. The short story usually has one plot so it can be read in one sitting). 

Andrew is the son of Petter and Nina is the daughter of Pawl. They are two close friends from their childhood. Andrew is an Engineer worked in a company and Nina is his wife .They are living in Dhaka. Dew to his company job he is so much busy. He can not give much time to his wife. As a result she feels lonely and passed his time unhappily. Eventually she gets phone from Jenny, an unknown person. After their introducing part they come closer and fall in love. For her lonely ness and also of her husband’s carelessness behavior she except his proposal. They passed happy time. On the other side, eventually Andrew knew all the happening. He informed the entire thing to his wife’s family and detached her from mobile phone. From this time they passed unhappy time as a husband wife. In course of time situation their relation becomes normal. Nina apologies for her fault. Now they lived together happily. But one day a little doubt arises about their
Family affair. This time Nina takes a decision to leave Andrews family. Then she called Jenny and go way with him.

Short stories use few characters.  One character is clearly central to the story...