Ts Eliot

Evaluate the effectiveness of Eliot’s exploration of the relationship between individuals and their world within his poetry.

Paragraph 1: Prufrock
  * “With a bald spot in the middle of my hair – (they will say: how his hair is growing thin!)”
  * “(They will say: But how his arms and legs arte thin!) Do I dare disturb the universe?”
  * “There will be a time to prepare a face for the faces you will meet; There will be at time, there will be a time to murder and create”

Paragraph 2: Rhapsody
  * “The street light sputtered/The street light muttered”
  * “Cat which flattens itself in the gutter/Slips out its tongue/And devours a morsel of rancid butter”
  * “Crab one afternoon in a pool/An old crab with barnacles on its back/Gripping the end of a stick”

Paragraph 3: Preludes
  * “Six O’clock”
  * “Four, five and six o’clock”
  * "Burnt-out ends,” “grimy scraps,” “withered leaves,” “broken blinds,”
  * “The winter evening settles down/With smells of steak in the passageway/... And then the lighting of the lamps.”
  * “Burnt-ends of smoky days”

Paragraph 4: Prufrock
  * “The women in the room come and go/Talking of Michelangelo”

Paragraph 5: Rhapsody
  * “Twisted branch”
  * “Broken spring”
  * “Torn and stained with sand”
  * “Corner of her eye/Twists like a crooked pin”
  * “Hesitates towards him”

Paragraph 6: Preludes
  * “The morning comes con consciousness”
  * “Masquerades”
  * “Thousands of furnished rooms”
  * “Thousand sordid images/ Of which her soul is constituted”

Overarching Thesis: The fractured existence of humanity stems from man’s alienation in a hostile, decaying world, leading individuals into a life of monotony and misery.
  * Sub-thesis 1: The human condition is inherently fragile and will inevitably deteriorate due to the overwhelming influence of the world around the persona.
  * Sub-thesis 2: The deterioration of the human condition has resulted in a lack of communication and...