“Truth in Spirit, No Truth to the Letter, It’s the True Veracity”

PROMPT: “Truth in spirit, no truth to the letter, it’s the true veracity”
  * Truth
  * Authenticity
  * Reliability

“Truth”, “veracity” and “reality”: how often these three words are mistaken for each other.
Film and media are particularly successful medium by which to convey apparent contradictions about “truth”, “veracity” and “reality” because of its truncated time span. Even whole lifetimes are told in at most three hours. This contracting of time allows for juxtaposition of events to work as a technique. Barry Levinson film, the political satire, wag the dog time is the essence to the plot. Immediately the clock is running, being two weeks leading up to the US presidential election, the drama of diverting the “truth’ of a sec scandal; with a fabricated fiction the public will follow also begins. Conrad Bream, the White House Advisor, says. “What difference does it make if it’s true? His view of truth may be careless, but his own veracity to the president, that is his own quality of being true to the cause, is never in doubt. This shapes the reality of his life, “what job do you do?” is asked a few times during the film, but he never responds, as not only is his top secret but its so much more to him than a job. Whereas Stanley Moss the Hollywood producer wants accolades and recognition for his work in creating the truth the public follow, of a war with Albania, Bream utterly understands that such exposure would break the illusion of reality and therefore destroy the veracity of the mission. “This story must never be told” Bream tells Moss when he hires him. Winifred Ames, Breams PA understands : “You do it comprehension, a fact which costs him his life at the hands of the CIA.
A similar divide about the veracity of a situation occurred in our recent history when soldiers retuned from fighting in Vietnam. Both in America and Australia instead of being greeted with praise ad honour as soldiers had been in the past, they were derided and despised for...