Trust within an Organization
Christine Trinh
University of Phoenix
Management 521
Chris Foster
January 04, 2010

Trust within an Organization
      Trust relationship among the team members is extremely vital to an organizations success. “Trust is confidence, the absence of suspicion, confirmed by a track record and our ability to correct that track record” ().   Therefore, if the organizations put trust in their employees, it will promote pride and commitment from the employees.   As such, if a team interacts with honesty, openness and respect with each other, they build up in each other confident and secure each other with trust.   The team members will have more pride and commitment toward the organization and to themselves.
      Trust is a two- way relationship, “one trust, and the other trusted.”() The team members with a high level of trust are more willing to rely upon each other and are more committed to the projects. One of the keys for the team to earn trust among each other is to have an open line of communication.   When team members are honest with each other, the results will likely be in a win/win solution, even though, from the beginning of the situation they didn’t agree with each other on a certain issues.   If the team members have win/win strategies to a solution of the problem, they will have a positive outcome such as every team members are accountable for their actions.   The presence of trust is vital to the conduct of the team because it is trust that holds the team together.   Therefore, each team members need to prove themselves that they are capable of fulfilling their assigned responsibilities to them.
      If there are no trusting relationship is among the team members, the management and the team members will spend a great deal of time and energy on checking team’s member work.   There are ways to lose trust when working in the team environment.   One way to lose team’s trust is the team members act and speak inconsistency....