Trench Warfare


                    TRENCH WARFARE

        MR. FUSARO

                  MAY 3RD , 2011
Fighting in the trenches   is one of the most dangerous places to be on the battlefield. Trenches are dangerous because of many different things. The men in the trenches had enemy snipers to worry about, along with diseases, mud and small critters constantly bothering the soldiers. “One man tried to leave the trenches. He didn’t make it very far before an old sniper got him in the head.” Trenches did not start in The Great War 1914-1918, they started back in the time of the greatest empire, Rome. Rome had brilliant strategies and strategists. Mix the two together and one of the brilliant outcomes is the trench. Back then, the trenches were a gift, a shield from their enemies. But for the early 1900’s, it could also be a curse. If a grenade is thrown   into a trench right next to a group of very important soldiers, they will not be important anymore if they are not fast enough. Trench life and warfare were demanding in terms of combat, survival and bravery.

Trenches were not only dangerous, but also high maintenance. The heavy bombardment from aircraft and bazooka’s constantly had the already muddy French land much more slippery and wet. Thus, during the battles, parts of the trenches would collapse, killing or wounding soldiers. The mud could be so thick that soldiers could disappear into it and never be seen again. To cope with this problem, the soldiers had to fix the trenches continuously.   Since day was the time for fighting, night was the time to do the exhausting work of fixing the trenches. The boards for crossing over the trenches would be replaced and sandbags were used to fill the leaking in the trenches. Boards were put up along the sides of the trenches to...