Trade Consultation: Eu Policies and Regulations of Organic Products from the Us.

Trade consultation: EU policies and regulations of organic products from the US.

In order to develop a successful trading partnership with the European Union, it is crucial for a company to keep informed about the market development and changes in trade regulations and standards.
As the export consultant for Organics Specialties, my goal is to guarantee the company’s success in this foreign market, thus I have conducted an export review evaluating the EU policies and regulations on imported organic products from the U.S.
This report will allow Organic Specialties to formulate its export-oriented development strategy to penetrate the EU organic products market. Some of the sources utilized to complete this report include:
    - EU-27 FAIRS (Food and Agriculture Import Regulations and Standards) report.
    - Articles from the EU most recent regulations on trade with third countries.
    - FAO/WHO food standars. Codex Alimentarius.
    - Foreign Agricultural Services: U.S mission to the European Union.
    - DEFRA (Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs)

The following is an overview of the organic product market in the EU and general specifications the EU mandates regarding organic products’ production, authorization, and import licenses.

      Certified organic products are a small but growing niche market within the European Union. And according to the Foreign Agricultural Service USDA, The United States and EU are discussing the possibility of allowing the U.S to market organic products in the EU as long as U.S. certifying associations certify the products. Until an agreement is reached, exporters and importers must work through individual countries to submit technical information on a shipment-by-shipment basis.

The EU currently has general policies regarding what constitutes organic products and its production, and what is prohibited in this industry.

    - Organic production is an overall system of farm...