Tentative Project Title
Text Allusions
Project Description
Throughout The Bell Jar there are many allusions or references to nouns that exist within the real world. This project will research these allusions in order to analyze why such allusions were used and what they evoke/implicate within the meaning of the text.
New Learning
The hopeful outcome of this project is to learn of the possibly real nature of the motifs or the settings that are presented within the book and their implications within the novel and the real world.
Selection Rationale
This topic has been chosen as while reading the novel, the many allusions intrigue me due to their familiarity, and therefore would be interesting to study or further analyze.
Knowledge of Topic
From the background of the novel and discussions I have already come to know that Esther’s setting is very real. For example, the existence Bloomingdales and the uniqueness of it, or the way Esther is treated as a woman, or the on goings of women at higher education institutions.
Main Project Tasks
This project will mainly involve the research of the allusions that are presented within the text and then analyzing their implications or connections within the text and real world.
Potential Risks/Challenges
The main risk in this project will be the inability to identify such allusions when they occur – either due to lack of background knowledge or assumptions of falsity. Another risk which relates to this is that allusions may falsely be assumed to be what they are not.