Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius:
To infinity and beyond!


Executive Summary
The Toyota Prius is on verge of redefining convention. As a hybrid car, the Prius is one of the most popular eco-friendly cars on the market. It has unlimited potential and is already turning heads. Hybrid cars are powered by a combination of electric motor and a gas engine.   The electric motor is powered by batteries that recharge when the engine is running, and during braking. The electric engine kicks on when the car is idling, which saves on fuel consumption. Studies indicate that hybrids offer a fuel efficiency rate of about 50% higher than similar sized gas-only cars. They are environmentally friendly cars, suddenly in very high demand by consumers.
Since hybrid cars are still considered fairly new to the motor industry, there is a vast market that is still untapped. The high mile per gallon ratios and low gas emissions are just some of the many features that draw consumers. Our goal is to attract a customer base of both individual and corporate markets through irrefutable benefits and tempting incentives. With offers that will make any one interested, our objective will be to increase both sales volume and profit.
Performance Review
Toyota has a reputation as a manufacturer of reliable, attractive automobiles. After the initial U.S. release of the Prius in 2000, improvements were made to its safety features, mileage and reliability. Toyota is 2 years ahead of its 5-year action plan with development of the Prius.
In 2002, the Prius received a 3-star safety rating for frontal impact crash tests, except for a passenger crash-test rating of 4 stars. They also have a rollover resistance rating of 4 stars ( Michael Quincy, an automobile critic, says, “Its practical… a crisply styled 4-door economy car,” and “With most urban areas choked with commuter traffic during morning and evening rush hours, the Prius makes for a comfortable and quiet cocoon.” MSN showed an...