Tort Cases

Tort Cases
Defamation, negligence, and battery, are just a few torts a defendant is charged with.   To sue someone for any of these torts a plaintiff must supply the courts with specific facts to prove his or her case.   Team C will evaluate three scenarios and determine the plaintiffs, defendants, and tort claim of each scenario.   Team C will also give information to why each tort was chosen for the three individual scenarios.   First up is the case of the Football Follies.
The first litigants in the case are the plaintiff, the injured fan, versus the defendant, the quarterback.   The fan is injured during a play where the quarterback was unknowingly hit from behind.   The injured fan will likely file a civil suit claiming battery against the actions of the quarterback.   The injured fan will claim that there was unauthorized and harmful physical contact to his body.   In the quarterback’s defense, he will argue that he did not intentionally throw the ball at the fan so he should not be held liable for and unforeseeable event.   The quarterback can also argue assumption of risk.   When the fan entered the football game, he had knowledge of the risk associated with watching a football game.   The quarterback should not be held accountable for and unforeseeable event.   The quarterback is likely to prove his case and win the civil suit because of the assumption of risk tort.
Another pair of litigants is Daniel, The plaintiff, versus the Lady, the defendant. Daniel can file a civil suit against the Lady defamation of character and slander.   The action of the Lady causes judgment of his reputation to be question by accusing him of contributing alcohol to a minor.   Given that of the Lady’s actions were false and unjust, Daniel also lost his job. Daniel will prevail in his civil suit because the Lady made and untrue statement of fact about him.   Not only will he be awarded damages but also he will collect punitive damages because he...