Top 5 Guest Writing Blogs

Top 5 blogs that accept guest bloggers/ writers

More and more writers are getting online and looking for a platform to publish their blogs. Many online writers provide services writing about a variety of subjects where they provide backlinks to other websites or company pages to enhance their SEO. Whether you are a professional blogger doing it for the money or just for the plain love of writing, it’s always helpful to look at a list of blogs where you can get your writing included and published for free. Getting your writing accepted is a big step in building your reputation as a web writer. So, I thought I would compile a list which would serve as a guide to blog submission.
A couple of things to consider when uploading your hard work up there:
  * Is the editor easy and friendly to work with? Guest bloggers spend their own time and energy usually for free and its important to get a good feeling about the editor or publisher.
  * Is the guest post acknowledged or live in a good amount of time? Usually, a good amount of time is within a week. The post does not have to necessarily go live within a week, but it’s nice when an editor at least writes back to let the writer know about the status of the article.
  * Does the blog enjoy a lot of traffic, visibility and activity?
Here is a list of the top 5 blogs or content sites that accept content from guest bloggers. It’s advisable that you visit the sites and see their policies when it comes to accepting content. Some of them will give you a by line and may even allow you to post links from your own blog or vice versa.
1.Get Busy Media:   The editor is Jim Armstrong, an account manager at Google. The staff is usually helpful and sometimes pitch in to promote content and thank guest bloggers. It is a PR 4 site.
2.Brazen Careerist: The editor appears to have a good reputation of responding to bloggers.   Although this may take a while, eventually there is a good possibility that you will hear whether or...