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Observation – Domestic - anything to do with foreign surveillance is not permitted
Standard – quality of life
In order to win this debate, our team will show you how domestic surveillance has improved the quality of life
Contention 1

USA domestic surveillance has stopped terrorist attacks. According to an article from the CNN, NSA has prevented many of terrorist attacks aimed at USA. Gen. Keith Alexander, the director of the NSA, told a Senate hearing that phone tapping has prevented dozens of terrorist plots. Sean Sullivan, a journalist for the Washington Post, stated on June 18, 2013 “…government’s sweeping surveillance efforts have helped thwart “potential terrorist events” more than 50 times since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks”. After the creation of PRISM and after giving NSA power to spy on people, the USA has become safer and has prevented a lot of terrorist attacks. As reported by PhD James Carafano, PhD Steve Bucci and Jessica Zuckerman in an article by The Heritage Foundation, these terrorist attacks includes Iyman Faris, a naturalized American citizen, who almost burned down the Brooklyn Bridge using blowtorches but was stopped because of the FBI. The impact is that preventing these terrorist attacks is saving lives of our loved ones.   This relates to our standard, quality of life, because we don’t have to live in fear of the death of our loved ones.

Contention 3

The US domestic surveillance is preventing cyber crime. Cyber crime is any crime conducted via the Internet or some other computer network, according to the Oxford dictionary. Cyber crime includes phishing, hacking, stalking, and harassment. Cyber attacks are a threat because they aim at online banking and tricking people to give up their money, personal information, etc. This is why US is trying to catch these cyber criminals. In an article by the Guardian, the author talks about how Gen. Keith Alexander said “that constant Internet surveillance is needed to short-circuit cyber...