To Kill a Mockingbird

Book report
“To Kill a Mocking Bird”
A Pulitzer Prize winning novel “To Kill a Mocking Bird” written by Harper Lee is one of the most popular and successful works of American fiction. It is a kind of   books that will never leave you indifferent. British librarians describe it as “the book that every adult should read before they die”. This book explores the moral nature of human beings, it teaches and educates, it makes the readers reconsider their moral principles and change their attitude towards many things.
One of the most important features of the society is tolerance, if we don’t tolerate with each other we will live in total chaos. That is why Lee’s book has such a great value. It describes the real situation in the society and teaches people how to estimate the situation and how to behave. What is special about the way she describes the events is the fact that the story is presented by a little girl Scout, who is a witness and a victim of the cruel world of adults at the same time. This kid with her friends used to believe in peaceful life and good people but suddenly they face the racial injustice and cruelty in their small hometown, which seemed to be so safe.
It is not hard to guess why the author chooses children as main characters. Children perceive the world how it is, they don’t know yet what racism, prejudice and hatred are. They are innocent and their mind is not touched by the social dirt. In this way the author wants to prove that the events are presented as they are, they are not exaggerated or understated when described by child’s innocent mind.
The problem of racism and intolerance in South America during the Great Depression is the main issue of the novel. The courageous writer shows us racial injustice towards black people which has spread into all spheres of life. Negro people were humiliated, all the worst things that happened in the town were believed to be done by them. When Tom Robinson was accused of raping the girl nobody had...