To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) Written Response - Chapter 22 – 31

To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
Written response - Chapter 22 – 31
“Son of a bitch, Atticus.”
“You disgraced me at the trial, I would never forget this day.” Bob Ewell said.
By the end of October, Maycomb County pays attention to a Halloween fair that is to be held in the high school auditorium. To prepare for the Halloween fair, Scout is cast in a part of ham which strikes the audience as hilarious. I lurk all night long in the bush to wait for the children go pass to revenge for what their father did for me. An opportunity is coming, Jem is going alone. No, he is going with…a ham, a costume. It is Scout. “Ha…ha” God helps me, I will kill you all. Taking a kitchen knife, I run across the children.
“Don’t blame it on me, it is your father’s sin.”
“Run, Scout! Run! Run!” Jem screamed. “Too late, boy” I catch one of them and stab it with the knife, but the costume make me unable to kill   the girl, so I throw her away and look for Jem.
“Bob” [clashing sound], “Aw, Shit! ” something strikes my hand and I lose the knife, I get Jem but he beats me and I break his arm, he screams and becomes unconscious.
“Aw!” a knife sticks up under my ribs, I try to get the knife out but it goes deeper and I fall flat to the ground…
“Oh, it really hurts,” I see myself died with a kitchen knife stuck up my body. Suddenly, I find myself lighter and I am on the sky. In paradise. Tom Robinson is in Jesus’s heart, next to the Father, and Holy Spirit, he looks very happy and glad. “Do you know you have done wrongly?” God asked, and I burst into tears. “What did I do wrongly? You had abandoned me, you pushed me into poor and need.”
“My son, you may be angry with me, but my love for you is infinity. A lot of times I gave you chances to help your family and you used it in drinking. I advised you to live better through Atticus, in the trial and you ignored my love.”
“My God, oh my God, please forgive him, he didn’t know what he had done.” Tom asked.
“The purgatory is not the...