To George Iii on Common Sense

It was my responsibility to explain the content of the _____ reading by this anonymous Englishman to His Highness, George III.   It is no wonder that this man wished to not reveal his identity, as his thoughts and opinions are quite dishonorable to the British monarchy.  

My king, I have read the pamphlet given to me that seems to be quiet the hot topic as of late.   Its writer is opinionated and urges the American people to take heed to his message and act accordingly.   It is his mission to convince fellow Americans of the need for them to separate from the British.   He says that this is the only way for future success for them is complete independence from us.

The writer's belief is that government is not needed, but instead society is indeed.   He argues that people would be much happier in a simpler organization, that they create.  

He believes that a king, your Honor, is against God.   He stresses that there is only one God, who reigns above, and that a ruler on earth, such as yourself, is sin.   His belief is also that it is not a fair practice for future heiarchy to be passed down to successors, but instead to be chosen by the people.   He argues that these successors are often dumb and inept to rule, creating more harm; such as war.

He says to his fellow Americans that the time is now.   While they are but a small population, he says that they will be a more manageable, cohesive group which will mesh easily as one.   If they wait until there is a much larger population, this cohesion might not be easy to acheive.

Your honor, this writer also claims that the only reason the British protected these Americans was for their own benefit, in relation to taxes, etc.

He says nothing good will ever come of their lack of dependence from the British. He thinks, your Honor, that history will only repeat itself, and that problems will continue to arise.

Your honor, I will remain loyal to the throne and to the British people; however,   I do feel as...