Thought Leadership vs Emotion

Thought Leadership vs. Emotional Intelligence
A Comparison and Contrast of the Two Diverging Approaches

      What are the Essential Components of a Successful Leader? The following summarizes two perspectives, Thought and Emotional Intelligence.   The summary of information is gathered from two articles entitled, “Thought leadership: a radical departure from traditional, positional leadership” McCrimmon (2005) and “The Emotional Intelligence of leaders.“ Goleman (1995). The definitions, purposes, strengths and practical applications of each are discussed. This paper concludes with my personal opinion of which approach is most convincing based on individual experience.

Thought Leadership
    McCrimmon (2005) presented his theory in “Thought leadership: a radical departure from traditional positional leadership”. Here he purports that this style is essential if we are to survive and thrive in this increasingly competitive world.   His rationale? That with thought leadership, not to be confused with shared leadership one possesses the key ingredient to success as it permits goal attainment through competitive birth of ideas, i.e., Innovation (McCrimmon 2005). In other words, no one is given individual authority to make change or decisions that will ultimately affect the change. The status quo is to be addressed and challenged through the birth and sharing of individual ideas empowered by the strength of the idea itself. In fact the author stresses that the effectiveness of this style of management is attributed to the lack of management. (McCrimmon 2005). This style presents through a spontaneous flow of ideas, offering new and better options in hopes of raising the bar. This unique description offers new pathways for management that would permit the novice, irrespective of education and social skills, to be the founder of new, innovative ideas (McCrimmon 2005). Here we are asked to remember, the source of power lies in the concept itself....