This Supports Gravell Who Belives That Giving Allowing Students to Be “Allows the Group to Take Ownership of Their Own Rules, Then They Are More Likely to Keep to Them” (Ann Gravels 3rd Edition)

Preparing to teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Unit 1
Level 4 theory assessment

Ground rules are needed when entering any type of environment where there is a group of people, whether   it be in a sport, an educational or a work setting, ground rules are “basic rules or principles on which future actions or behaviour should be based”
As human beings we thrive and feel calm in settings that are repetitive and have routine. Within everyday living, people make themselves ground rules to then abide by to create an organised life. Some examples maybe: paying bills, keeping appointments, attending invitations and displaying acceptable behaviour. These routines make us feel secure within our environment, and allow us to plan our day accordingly. To have an unsettled environment leads to anxiety and stress, producing poorer results. Everything has a ground rule, so that we may respect its limitations and be able to work accordingly within its guidelines.
Within an educational setting, there needs to be ground rules set from the beginning, so that a student and a teacher are clear what is expected of both parties. But who is the one to create these ground rules?   According to some, “Ground rules can be imposed by teacher or organisation, chosen by learners, or negotiated between the teacher and the learner”.   But which one is most effective when, for instance, teaching those between the ages of 16 – 18 years?  
Ground rules put in place by teachers would give clear and established boundaries. The teacher, who clearly would have years of experience of the academic environment, therefore, would have more reflection for what does and does not work, and would know how to meet organisation requirements (that include health and safety issues) efficiently and effectively.   All people involved would know there expectations. However, in contrast to this, a teacher led environment may not be something that students of an...