By: Tracey Bateman
376 pages

Bateman, Tracey. Thirsty . Colorado Springs, Colo.: Waterbrook Press, 2009. Print.
Thirsty by Tracey Bateman is a book of many genres. It easily falls into the genres of mystery, romance, and fantasy. Tracey Bateman’s purpose of writing this novel was most likely to show how alcoholism can tear apart a family and ones life. It will leave everyone alone and filled with regret. This novel is written in a narrative and at the beginning of every chapter, it is told from the main characters, Nina, point of view in brief memory of hers.
It takes a while for the book to develop into its true genre. At the beginning its more of a personal story, but as it continues the mystery, fantasy, and romance become more prominent. Although alcoholism is a problem that more adults struggle with, this book is intended for young adults. When the love and mystery start to occur in this novel, it is easy to relate to it as a teen. Bateman’s style is easy to understand and flows swiftly from chapter to chapter. Her book is in chronological order, except for at the beginning of chapters where Nina tells memories of her past to help understand he present condition.
II. This novel starts off with a prologue telling the story of a man named Marcus. He comes across a girl named Nina, who is the main character. She is almost passed out drunk and he helps her out of the woods. Once she leaves, he remembers he sent. The first chapters are telling of Nina’s alcohol problem. She is always drunk. Her ex husband, Hunt, is disappointed to find her on his front door step, wasted. She reminds him that he invited her for Christmas and he tells her “Looks like you made a party somewhere else, though.” (14). Her alcoholism continues, and Nina misses her daughter Meg, who lives with her ex husband. Nina and Hunt are still in love, but her alcoholism came between them.
As the story...