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COMM 150:   Introduction to Information Literacy

and Research

Fall Semester

COMM 150 Portfolio Assignment (No. 3 of 3)
Process Analysis Assignment

COMM 150 Course Outcomes Assessed
    • Demonstrate an awareness of political, social, legal, economic, and intellectual property issues relevant to print and electronic resources and successfully avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement.
    • Investigate personal and professional interests, strengths and skills.
    • Perform research on career development and lifelong learning opportunities.
    • Complete a written career-related research project. Present research findings on career development and lifelong learning through discussion and other oral presentation formats.
    • Employ information literacy skills through the effective use of technology and information resources to accomplish a goal.

Assignment 3: Process Analysis Assignment is worth 10% of your total grade for the course.

Purpose of Assessment
Mastery of information literacy skills is essential to success in many careers that offer the promise and potential for personal and professional growth. Introduction to Information Literacy and Research (COMM150) is designed to activate your understanding and development of information literacy skills, and the many applications of information literacy within the career path of your choice.

There are three portfolio assignments in COMM 150: Reflective Assignment, Professional Plan, and Process Analysis Assignment. You have already completed the Reflective Assignment and the Professional Plan. After successful completion of the third assignment, Process Assignment, you will have completed the last part of your portfolio evidence of your initial information literacy skills.   As you progress through your program of study you will produce more advanced evidence of your information literacy skills. During job interviews you will want...