Thesis:   To persuade the audience about how gambling can be addicted and can have a bad affects to your life, families, and relationships to all the people around you. There are also a different signs, steps, and causes that shows if one is a gambling addicted.
    I. The gambling addiction definition.
    II. As a fan of sports and card play, explain how gambling can start casually and turn in to a habit and how one is considered a compulsive or a pathological gambler.
  III. The three topics brief explanation.
        A. The dangers of gambling
        B. Problem gambling can strain your relationships, interfere with responsibilities at home and work, and lead to financial catastrophe.
        C. How it will affects your life, family, and even other people around you.


    I. Gambling is a problem r that can disrupts and ruin a person’s life.
        A. Addicted gambler can either make you rich or pulled you down.
        B. Types of gambling.
              a. Electronic Gaming
              b. Table Games
              c. Casino Games
              d. Poker
                e. Lotteries
        D. Gambling addiction may in your family history and can be considered a chronic illness.
              a. Gender
              b. Hereditary
              c. Youth
    II. The phases, signs, and causes of becoming an addicted gambler.
        A. The phases that determine if one is addicted in gambling.
              a. Winning Phase
                                1. Sense of empowerment
                                2.   Temporary Boost in Self Esteem
              b. Chasing Phase
                                1. Hide gambling debts
                                2. Addiction starts to unravel
                                3. Family and friends become ignored and debt starts to become a main issue in life.
              c. The Desperation Phase
                                1. Nothing matters in...