The Wealthy and the Poor

One Act Play
Prof: Myrta Alvarez
A Rich land owner
Poor Man
{Puerto Rico, 1840 ; One morning a rich land owner was sit in his dining hall, eating the finest lambs and drinking wine, accompanied of his slave…}
Land owner: What’s that noise?
Slave: It’s a beggar sir
Land owner: A what? What he wants? I don’t have anything to offer.
Slave: He’s has been yelling and begging for food since you arrive from Spain sir.
Land Owner; I don’t care take him out of here, what a disrespectful being!
Poor man: Food, please, someone there? Am hungry.
Land Owner: Ahh!! I told you he’s making me crazy take him out of my territory.
Slave: We already did that sir, but he’s back
Land owner: well reunite all the slaves and take him to the dungeon. There he’s not going to be a nuisance anymore.
Slave: Of course sir but we already made that.
Land Owner: what?? Are you kidding with me boy? Don’t play games!!, it’s not the moment.
Slave: We already made that sir. But he’s back. Yelling harder than ever
Land owner: Well we need to torture him, that way he’s not going to come back never ever. Go for him and torture him now!
Slave: Sir yesterday we torture him for hours but he’s here again
Land Owner: I cant take it anymore. What I can do? I need silence while am eating, I need peace.
Slave: Well sir maybe we can give him some food, some bread, some wine.
Land Owner: Are you crazy, I can’t risk my crops, my vintages, and give it to an unknown person.
Slave: But sir, you are not risking anything, just giving away a little bit of all you have.
Land Owner: Never, do you hear me? Never. I got a better idea, am gonna kill him now. Go and find my gun. I will end this plague.
Slave: Well sir why you don’t first talk to this man, then make a decision, I think he has been very persistent, maybe he convinces you, a man that stay in a place that rejects him may have something important to say.
Land Owner: Bring him...