The Trails and Tribulations of an Essay

Judi Mellick
ENG 101
Mr Byars
Unit 3   Summary

The trails and tribulations of an essay for me is not knowing enough about topic I can write
about.   I really struggle with trying to find something that I know that would not bore someone reading
it. I have been out of school 47 years and I don’t remember writing an essay. i stress because I am not
sure how it is suppose to be done. I am hoping to get better at essays, I keep trying but it just isn’t
coming into my head. I think I will be able to write an essay the right   way after this class but for now I  
am having a very difficult time. I have a hard time on Mondays because I know the next essay is going to
be on the assignment. I have used the smart thinking service and I will use it again this week, it really
does help. I want to do well in this class so I just keep trying. I think with the smart thinking I can get
better. My APA   format is not working on my computer for some   unknown reason.

The peer review is no problem for me I like to read them to maybe get an idea to do my own
paper. There seems to be a lot of good writers in this class, they have very good topics to write about. I
wish I had as many ideas as some in the class.