The Role of the Nurse

‘The role of the nurse on the health care team’.

Perception of the role of the nurse held by myself before I started to be a part of the nursing health care team appeared that I had a limited understanding of the nurses’ job. Being a part of a professional nursing team make me aware of what it really means to be a nurse. Now I can understand how important their role is in delivering and promoting health care and also in teaching.

They care for the patient 24 hours a day and even beyond working environment they are obliged to help in emergency. Apart from assessing a patient and performing basic duties like monitoring for breathing, fluid intake, nourishment, mobilising, sleeping, personal hygiene and removal of waste from the body, they protect the patient by ensuring a safe and healthy environment and taking precautions to prevent to spread of infections. Patient’s rights are also protected by the nurses. In some cases the patient may be assessed by the doctor but it is the nurse who provide for treatment. Their work with the doctors ensure a good care for the patient. They are also able to coordinate the care of the patient which means they are working closely with other members of the health care team. Teaching the patients and families how to have the best quality of life is a very important part of the nurses’ role. Also by ‘mentoring’ the students the nurses show their greatness of the knowledge. The nurses also advocate for the patient which means they speak on the patients’ behalf and support them if necessary.

The nurses take on many roles within the health care team and we must not forget that these are the major ones.

In submitting, I would like to say that the nurses’ role is not easy to deal with but in spite of complexity the nurses undertake the life long learning knowing that this not an option but it is a requirement in their profession.