The Role of Supernatural Elements in Hamlet

The Role of Supernatural elements in Hamlet
By: Hind Abu Rumeileh Tamimi
  I. Abstract
  II. Introduction
a. Introduction to Elizabethan age
b. About Shakespeare
c. Introduction to Hamlet
1. Summary for Hamlet's character
2.   Summary for the play
III. Literature Review
1. The role and the importance of the supernatural elements in Hamlet.
2. The Role of the Ghost in the Play
IV. Conclusion
V. References  

This research aims at finding out the role of the supernatural elements in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare is used to using supernatural elements in his plays, such as, Macbeth and Hamlet. Hamlet is   a great play and story. It is great in theme and characters. The most important character in the play is the prince Hamlet who had a strange character. He has got conflicts in his character. The murderer of the king of Denmark is the central accident in the story. Then, his wife married the murder who is his brother Claudius . The characters didn’t know that Claudius if the killer, even Hamlet or his mother. It is until the ghost came to Hamlet to tell him that the killer is his uncle and he must kill him. People at the time of Shakespeare believed in supernatural forces and in their existence. They believed that there are ghosts of two types: good ghosts who come from heaven and bad ones who are cursed and who come from hell.   When the ghost tells Hamlet that the killer of his father is Claudius his uncle, the conflict starts here from this point and Hamlet began to have conflicts and plans in his character. Before the coming of the ghost, there was little drama but after its coming the play started to be have much drama. As we see, the ghost appearance was not too much and he only spoke little lines but after he spoke those little lines, all the play is built on these little lines. Therefore, it has important roles in the play. It was found that the ghost has the role of encouraging the character of Hamlet for...